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What Is Two-Factor Authentification (2FA)?

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Is it safe to use? Should I trust it? Does it really make things easier?

It might sound intimidating, but it’s actually very simple. Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is a second way to identify that you are, well…you!

You may have noticed the term Two-Factor Authentication popping up a lot lately. Many websites, particularly ones where valuable information is kept, have been asking for or even requiring a second form of authentication. When you log in to your email, bank, or billing accounts, you may get a page that says something along the lines of “we’ve emailed you a code”. You then need to proceed to your email account to get the code they’ve sent. Only then can you log in to your account. Sometimes, if you’ve set up your account this way, a code will be sent to your cell phone in a text message.

You might have noticed that when you set up your Windows or cell phone, that it asks for a fingerprint or a picture of your eyes. This is another form of Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA. Occasionally, you’ll need more than two forms of authentication, this is called multi-factor authentication. 2FA only requires two forms.

Two-Factor Authentication is very important and key to the fight against anyone other than yourself gaining access to what is yours. It’s a good thing and should be taken advantage of!

However, You Should Use Caution and Avoid Getting Locked Out

When you set up an account with 2FA, be sure you can access that second form. If you change an email account, or cell phone number, be sure to update your 2FA. You don’t want to be locked out of your account!

If you do get locked out of your account, we can help! Connect with your tech partner to get back online.


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