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WINDOWS UPDATES: How Can I Be Sure I'm Running Them Correctly?

Windows Updates are very important for your system so we have a couple of tips to help make sure you’re able to keep up with them without them inconveniencing your life.

Sometimes the updates are an anti-virus update to keep your system from being infected with a recent virus or it could be something that will help your computer run faster or better. The point is that they are needed. The cool thing about them is that you can schedule them to happen when you know the computer will be on, at a convenient time for you.

Let us know if this sounds like you…

A client of ours called last week to ask about a notification she was getting, Windows was asking if now was a good time to update. As luck would have it, she was right in the middle of something and was worried she would lose her information. What was important to let her know in her situation, was that she could run this update WHILE she was making her appointment online. The update would not affect what she was doing. The update would simply run in the background. Some updates take a long time, so make sure you leave your computer on for a good amount of time.

Here’s a tip for you…

So, let’s say you make your dinner at 4:30 every day. You can leave the computer on while you go make dinner and the computer will run updates. If the update required that the system be restarted, Windows is automatically set to ask you every time BEFORE it restarts. You can then tell it to restart later. You really shouldn’t notice any difference while the update is downloading or installing.

We hope this helps you! As always, if you have questions about your computer, please let us know. We will do a blog here because chances are others are wondering the same thing!


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